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      Matthew G White
      Professional Land
      White Land Surveying

      White Land Surveying is located in Clymer, NY. Clymer is located 20 minutes west of Jamestown, NY and around 40 minutes southwest of Dunkirk, NY and Fredonia, NY.  White Land Surveying is proud to provide land surveys for clients in all of Chautauqua County and all of Cattaraugus County which are located in Southwestern New York.  White Land Surveying also provides land surveys for Erie County, PA, Warren County, PA and Crawford County, PA. 

      The company provides boundary surveys, property line determinations, topographical surveys, minor and major subdivisions, construction layouts and/or can find and mark corners of a previously surveyed lot among other surveying services.

      Specializing in professional and efficient service, to meet your timeline and land boundary needs.

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